Elanus Capital invests in Global Financial Institutions and Assets

Founded, owned and operated by a team with extensive backgrounds in financial services, Elanus Capital Management is an independent, alternative asset manager of debt, equity and indemnity capital to the banking, non-bank financial and insurance industries.

The financial industry is undergoing profound, permanent transformation following the financial crisis of 2008. Traditional credit and market risk management skills are being challenged on a daily basis. As financial services analysts, we endeavor to build long-term relationships with management teams based on our understanding of emerging regulation and our ability to provide unique, flexible solutions to challenging situations across multiple asset classes.

Our mission is to generate high absolute returns with low volatility and market correlation on behalf of institutional investors worldwide.

Investment Philosophy

We are investment managers with a strong value-orientation, placing cash flows above speculative, blue-sky "option" value. We are also, however, keenly attuned to asset-liability management and are constantly vigilant for signs of latent financial stress. We believe in the power of incentives and as such endeavor to structure investments to align interests and reduce agency costs whenever and wherever they may arise. 

Finally, but most importantly, developing trusted, long-term relationships with our investor base is a critical tenet of our philosophy. Fiduciary responsibilities are always at the forefront of our investment process. While generating market-leading returns is a key benchmark for our firm, building and deepening the trust our investors place in us is our ultimate goal.

Elanus Capital’s team of experienced professionals with diverse skills is able to act nimbly, across the capital spectrum, in esoteric products and markets.

What's in a name?

Transparent Bird.jpg

Elanus Leucurus (the white-tailed kite) is a small, long-winged raptor found in the American Southwest. Part of the accipitridae family, the bird is distinctive for its mostly white body and black or grey wingtips and for its ability to hover for long periods while awaiting prey. Elanus Leucurus’ patience, grace and tenacity is a fitting symbol for our partnership and our mission.